Yoga Education for Children

Yoga Education for Children

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Yoga Education for Children looks at the teaching of yoga to children of all age groups. The first section adresses the topic of yoga and education. Articles and advice from international teachers in the field of yogic education explore the specific needs of children and how yoga can help in their daily life. Topics include: youth problems, integrating yoga into classroom and improved methods of education.

The second section discusses the benefits og yoga therapy in relation to specific groups: the emotionally disturbed, the disabled and juvenile diabetics.

The third section on practical yoga provides detailed instructions for asana, pranayama, concentration techniques and yoga games for children of all age.

This book is an ideal reference manual for yoga teachers, school teachers and parents.


Line drawings and diagrams are included.


It is little short of a miracle that modern methods of instruction have not already completely strangled the holy curiosity of enquiry, because what the delicate little plant needs most, apart from initial stimulation, is freedom; without that it is surely destroyed.

Albert Einstein


ISBN: 81-85787-33-6


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